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Air Duct Restoration

Rust...Dirt...Water...In Air Ducts

Restoring your inground ductwork seems like an impossible challenge. Not any more. Full restoration can be done in as little as one day. Rusty ducts, dirt blowing out, water in ducts….all of these problems can be repaired by our techs. In the past, your only option was to remodel your home and put your ductwork overhead. This is costly, messy and time-consuming. Now, our Duct Armor patented process can have your ductwork cleaned, the air ducts coated and back up and working in as little as one day.

We begin with a thorough video inspection. This will allow us to identify the problem areas, confirm the material the ductwork is constructed of, while recording each duct run. These videos are then provided to you with a comprehensive report of findings with recommendations. We are then able to provide you with a proposal for the duct repair and coating. Air duct coating is done after the ductwork has been professionally cleaned.

Our technicians arrive in the morning, at a time that is convenient for your schedule. Protective canvas tarps are laid throughout the home. We also make sure doors are not left open if you have animals that could get out. The spray coating is accomplished using an airless commercial sprayer, with our camera attached to the spray lines. We push in and spray as we are coming out, all the while seeing exactly what we are doing on the camera.

Each floor vent box is hand detailed. If the floor vent box is badly corroded, or the metal is completely gone, we will rebuild the “boot” prior to coating. This will solve the problem with dirt blowing out of your air ducts. air duct sealing. We also take special care of the plenum box below the forced air unit. Over the years, we have developed many techniques that will allow us to fully restore badly rotted out plenums. A 2nd coating is done 10-14 days later and you can use your heating or cooling immediately following each coating. No down time for air comfort in your home.

Commercial and Hospital Ductwork

Commercial & Hospital Ductwork

Duct Armor® is an environmentally safe water-based latex liquid used specifically for coating & lining air ducts in various stages of deterioration. When deterioration of air ducts occurs, particles such as dust, mold, fungus, asbestos, and fiberglass become airborne and breathable. Duct Armor® stops the deterioration and restores the ductwork to a clean state. Over time, commercial insulated ductwork will begin to deteriorate simply due to age and constant air velocity over the surfaces. Insulated ductwork is extremely hard to clean and will harbor dangerous bacteria and mold. Duct Armor will fully encapsulate the surfaces, trapping harmful bacteria from being expelled into the air stream. The coating will also stabilize the existing insulation and maintain the necessary thermal value in the ductwork. Encapsulation of the ductwork can be accomplished without demolition or removal of ductwork, keeping systems running and completely operational.

Core Competencies:

Sam.Gov Registered – Cage Code 7GT49
Dunns #018967621
NAICS Codes 238320, 332812, 238990, 562910

We can supply you with vital information on the commercial application, including testing documents.

Call Carol Coleman direct for more details. (760) 505-4145 Cell

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Authorized Duct Armor Dealer

We are the authorized dealer for the Duct Armor patented duct coating process. In fact, we were the first Duct Armor dealer and began doing this process in 2006. Our technicians train all new Duct Armor dealers across the company so you know your project will be in highly qualified hands.

Go to www.ductarmor.com to find out more about this nationally recognized duct restoration process.

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Even dogs afraid of people end up in their lap while they do their work on your air ducts! We will always ensure that your animals are safe and won’t leave doors open for them to escape. And if you allow us, we always bring dog treats!
Air Duct Water Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Water in air ducts? Dirt Blowing out of ducts? Mold and bacteria in air ducts? Poor air flow? Possible asbestos ductwork? We can answer all of your questions.




We can restore in-slab ductwork, overhead, asbestos, and fiberglass.
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Ability to restore, repair and coat commercial air ducts in place.
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We perform full video inspections of both overhead and in-slab duct systems.
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    During these uncertain times, clean air is extremely important in your home. If you are not sure what condition your ducts are in, call for a video inspection. We are offering a discounted rate on inspections at this time and welcome any questions you may have.