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HVAC Ductwork Lining Solutions
Underground Air Duct Sealing & Restoration

Enviro Duct Seal Technologies offers a solution for inground air ducts that have filled with water, deteriorated, or rusted out allowing dirt and other debris to enter the air system.

Our innovative process involves the coating and sealing of inground air ducts directly through the registers which quickly corrects the problems of moldy or corroded air ducts. The air duct lining will completely restore your ductwork and promote healthy air quality in your home.

The restoration of your underground air duct system typically can be completed in one day. There is no need for remodeling, construction or deconstruction. Our technicians arrive in the morning and the air duct sealing process is typically completed at the end of the day.

The specially designed air duct lining material inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and allergens, allowing your air to remain clean and healthy.

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  Air Duct Video Inspection

We will provide a professional, recorded inspection of all accessible areas. A copy of the recorded inground air duct video inspection will be supplied to you for your records and review. A comprehensive plan will be developed based on these findings.

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  Air Duct Sealing

The specially patented process will completely seal all areas of the ductwork. The application can typically be completed in less than one day and is a clean and non-disruptive process. The EDS inground air duct restoration process will enable you to continue to use your home's air system as it was originally designed.

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  Air Duct Cleaning

We can arrange a comprehensive cleaning with a professional team prior to the sealing process. We use NADCA certified air duct cleaning contractors and work closely with them when you are ready for the underground air ducts in your home to be sealed.

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