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HVAC Ductwork Lining Solutions
The Process
Our patented process is a simple and efficient solution to ductwork problems. The application satisfies new California Energy Standards requirements for "change-out" and does not require any disruption during the application process.

We can restore corroded, rusted, and highly deteriorated ductwork that is inground, or inaccessible.

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Example of Lined Duct:
Example of Lined Duct
  • Our process starts with a video inspection. The inspection will allow us to develop the plan to properly line the ductwork.

  • After we have developed our approach, the ducts will need to be cleaned. Cleaning the ducts ensures a strong bond with our lining material. We can refer duct cleaning professionals.

  • The lining process can usually be completed in one day.

  • When we are finished, there is no delay before you may use your air conditioning or heating system.

  • The lining of the ductwork ensures that future duct cleaning is efficient.

  • The lining has a 15 year warranty with a life expectancy of at least 30 years.